Everyone’s Invited # 260 – 01/22/23

EVERYONE’S INVITED offers two hours of indie music old and new, familiar and obscure, from around the corner and around the world. Sunday evenings 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here

Playlist for 1/22/23 show:

Advantage Lucy – Solaris
The Airport 77s – Shannon Speaks
Brad Marino – That Girl
Corm – Little Problems
Drake Bell – Hollywood Girl

The Ergs! – Tonight’s The Night
Extra Arms – Fun Guy
Freak Genes – Moving Target
Klazo – Jaguar Ride

Manifesto – Gravity
Look Park – You Can Come Round If You Want To
Lorne Behrman – Monday Morning Rain
Natalie Sweet – Video Phone
The New Brutarians – (Rock Me) I’m A Dadaist

Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men – Contract
Peatmos – D’yer Wanna Dance With The Kids
Perfect – Don’t Need To Know Where
The Prize – Easy Way Out
Rabbit – Sunday Best

The Sad Tomorrows – Forget It For Me Retail
Saskwatch – Shrinking Violet
Shanda & The Howlers – Keep Telling Me
Single Mothers – O-Zone
The Sorels – The Jerk

Trevor Blendour – Carly Please
Ultramagg – Old Habits 
Vacationer – Dreamlike
Young Hasselhoffs – Barbara Pt. 2
Stephen Malkmus – Polish Mule

Gary Young – Plant Man
She Makes War – Paper Thin
Cocteau Twins – Alice
Charlatans – Weirdo
Even As We Speak – Brain

Fox Lake – In Fading
Schedule 1 – Invaders
Traumahelikopter – Kids
Yo La Tengo – My Little Corner Of The World

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