Community radio by it’s very nature is volunteer driven and and for Spark! that is especially true, since we get no funding from the government, academic institutions or major corporations and we are precluded by law as a non-commercial radio station from running commercials. In fact, for the foreseeable future, we will not even have paid staff. But this lack of overhead gives us great artistic freedom. The counterweight to that is our capacity to create positive change will be directly proportional to our ability to recruit, train and manage dynamic volunteers who want to make a difference in Syracuse. We truly hope that might include you.

Specific areas of need are below — please contact us at info@sparksyracuse.org to follow up!


More than anything else, we really need help getting out the word on what we are trying to do. We need more volunteers, more support and more people interested on all levels. This means ramping up our social media footprint, sending out press releases as appropriate, contacting various community groups and a more visible presence at various local events. This is a great activity for people who like meeting other people. Help us get the word out!

Team Building

As we gain more volunteers, we will also need more people to help train, sustain and coordinate them. We don’t want managers, but instead team builders who can help volunteers stay focused and reach our goals as both individuals and as a collective project. This activity will best suit those with more of a “camp counselor” personality. Help us organize positive change in Syracuse!


We’re looking for people who can tell good stories or bring out great stories from interviewing others. The topics can be news related or more personal interest based. Our goal is to tell the stories of the people in Syracuse, whether it’s a local aspect to a national or international story or something intensely local. We recognize many of these pieces will be short in nature, which is why we want multiple works to curate together into half hour or one hour segments. We also need facilitators to help others tell these stories, whether assisting with interviews or editing or to help collect together and finally air the finished works. Help us tell good stories!

Music Lovers

We expect most of our programming to be music, produced by local enthusiasts that are passionate about their subject matter. We are also committed to a heavy dose of local music as part of our overall music programming, but need help collecting, curating and disseminating these works on all platforms at our disposal. We also want to air as much live music as possible, but need technical help to make that happen. And last but not least, we need knowledgeable music show hosts that can share the breadth and width of musical expression not normally heard via media locally. Help us expand the love of music locally!