Everyone’s Invited # 216 – 06/20/21

EVERYONE’S INVITED makes sure we all get a turn at the open mic, the basement punk show, and the weekend festival. Sunday evenings 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 06/20/21 show:

John Vanderslice – Bill Gates Must Die
Fuzzbubble – Don’t Let It Get You Down
Salteens – Kelly Nicholl
Teen Machine – I’m Gonna Steal Your Girlfriend
Fred Savage Fanclub – Just Call Me Blondie

Trinket – In The Sun
Dodgy – Whole Lot Easier
The Fuses – Small Sounds
Subset – Anchor
The Arthurs – I Need You Now

Christina Vane – Travelin’ Blues
Wolf Alice – The Beach II
Rostam – These Kids We Knew
Bachelor – Back Of My Hand

Hood – You Show No Emotion At All
The Notwist – Chemicals
The Glands – Call Me Doctor
Holland – Rapture Ready
Silver Scooter – Tribute To Phone Calls

Joy Zipper – Like 24 (6 + 1=3)
Sea Ray – Lalaland
Green Pajamas – We’re Flying
Swearing At Motorists – Flying Pizza
Four Corners – I Say You’re A Scream

Slumberjack – Surfin’ And Cruisin’
Louie Zong – Wild Pokemon!
Shelley Devoto – Can You See Me Shining
The Exit – Lonely Man’s Wallet

South – Here On In
Jeremy Enigk – Return Of The Frog Queen
Songs: Ohia – Hot Black Silk

Lisa Marr Experiment – 4AM
Gary Louris – She Only Calls Me On Sundays
The Softies – It’s Love

Turner Cody and the Soldiers Of Love – Boozin’ and Losin’

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