Everyone’s Invited # 149

If you’re wondering what sounds Syracuse New York has been blasting out of bars, basements, and bedrooms over the last year or so, here ya go! If you’ve been wondering if local, independent radio is still relevant and valued, it is!  If you’re wondering if YOU are invited, you are!  EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings from 7-9pm ET on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and streams online right here.

New England Beach Snobs – Uh, Is That Your Blood In The Sink?
Vaporeyes – Bicentennial Groove
SoberCoast – Apertures
Canceler – Pretty Old And Over It All
The Chapel Fire – Viper Queen

James Mullen  & The Strangers – You’ll Be Singing
Spilled Sugar – Reconstruction Site
hail, mary – Found And Lost
Quarreling Suns – Opensummer (Moonmix)
Mattydale Music Collective – Good Old Days

Introvert – Abstract Face
Calm Coffins & Becca Avraham – Where To Next?
Fangs – Grid Racer

Big Scary Army – On Fire
Highland Funeral – We Didn’t Know
Starting Off Red – Clear And Present
Max Marcy – I’m Sorry

Bridge Under Fire – Self-Unemployed
Surrogates – Charades
Faces Of The Damned – Unrest
Lemon Law – Unicorns
Late Earth – Headcase

Townhouse Warrior – Surrounded By Strangers
Minnoe – Mirrormaze
Lily Grave – Brain Video
Violent Dinosaurs – Land Of The Lost
the Nudes – Hey Girl You Got A Nice Body

Malvinas – Union Maid
Plenty Crisp – Sprinkles On Ghosts
Trench – Bend
Strange To Look At – Farewell

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