Everyone’s Invited # 190 – 08/16/20

EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings from 7-pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM, and online right here! It’s always a fun, random, noisy time, and you are always welcome!

Playlist for 08/16/20 show:

American Television – Standing Still
The Beths – I’m Not Getting Excited
The Headies – Ulysses
Lagwagon – Jini
Noxeema – Cords And Demons

The Lees Of Memory – Hypothetical Shows
Bacchae – Hammer
Billy Cobb – The Shell Shack
Frosted – My Boyfriend
Treasure Fleet – High On A Bicycle

Russ Substance – Coming Home
Waxahatchee – Hell
Martha – Six Men Getting Sick Six Times (Mendable)
Jeff Hanson – Someday And Sundays

Gateway District – Skyline Drive
Bauwaves – Keep It Hid
Cable Ties – Sandcastles
Eerie Family – Dead Stars Still Shine On Us Tonight

Gravity Kills – Enough
Bile – I Reject
Sister Machine Gun – Think

Badar Ali Khan – Black Night (Remix)
Buffalo Daughter – Super Blooper (Panda’s Good Vibe Mix)
Mountain Con – Zond
Meanest Man Contest – I Have Changed My Plans

Nigo – March Of The General
Brazzaville – Bosphorus
Trees Speak – Soul Sequencer
Nap Eyes – Even Though I Can’t Read Your Mind

The Trouble With Sweeney – Surrey Is A Word I Hardly Ever Use
Outside Voices – How To Know Your Friends
Sorry – In Unison
True Love – Mr. Sad

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