Everyone’s Invited #68 09/10/17

One the great things about the wide world of music is that there will always be new music to explore, old music to remember, and random noise to keep us guessing.  This week’s episode of EVERYONE’S INVITED provided all that, and a label spotlight on Stardumb Records as well!  Join the journey every Sunday night from 7-9pm EST at Westcott Radio.

New Radiant Storm King – Hazardville
Postelles – White Night
Robyn Hitchcock – I Pray When I’m Drunk
Ian Proper – Do You Follow Me?
Protein – My Blood

Sept. ’67 – What’s Wrong With Alice?
Jonas Nicholson – This One’s For Rose
Mountain Goats – Golden Boy
Flyte – Archie, Marry Me
Sufjan Stevens – Mercury

Guided By Voices – Weedking
Mule – Hayride
Mogwai – Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia
Accidentals – Kw
Jonah’s One Line Drawing – Crush On Everyone

Modest Mouse – Sleepwalking
Thin Man – Going, Going, Gone
Unwelcome Guests – I Walk Alone
Baby In Vain – I Have Your Eyes


Label Spotlight on Stardumb Records

The Apers – I U2B My Baby
Kurt Baker – Can’t Have Her Back
Methadones – Say Goodbye To Your Generation
Toys That Kill – Birds In Catsuits
Dirt Bike Annie – Next Time

Groovie Ghoulies – School Is In
Sonic Dolls – 40 Degrees
The Quotes – Mass Produced
Lullabelles – Get Out Of My Way
Zatopeks – Turkish Bread Chronicle

Nathaniel Mayer – I Found Out
El Pino & The Volunteers – Cougar
Favorats – Outta Space
Manges – I’ll Take You To Hawaii
Backwoods Creatures – I’m Alright

Windowsill – Another Beer
Accelerators – 30,000 Cigarettes
Travoltas – Endless Summer Part II
Darlington – Pajama Party


What Happened? – Valentines
NOFX – Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
Johnie 3 – Dancing Song
Open City – On The Spit

Gino And The Goons – I’m A Big Boy Now
Mojomatics – Right Or Wrong
Dinos Boys – She’s Outdated


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