Everyone’s Invited # 59 06/25/17

Summer is here!  For those that wanted to sit back and relax (assuming one relaxes to boundary pushing noise), the webcast through Westcott Radio always does the trick.  For those that want to hear independent radio on the airwaves as they cruise through Central New York, check out this link for how that happens, and what you can do to help!  This week’s episode of EVERYONE’S INVITED (Sunday nights from 7-9pm) featured oddball tracks, local music, and an indie label spotlight on SST Records!

Beck – Girl
Shoestrings – Summer Days
Lost Balloons – Hey Summer
Ben Harper – She’s Only Happy In The Sun
Push Kings – Summer Trippin’

High Llamas – Hawaii Smile
Color Film – We’d Kill Each Other
Disappointmint – Fluid
Ekoplekz – Calypzoid

Burton L – It’s So Easy (To Love You)
Rentals – My Summer Girl
Brave Captain – Ein Hoff Le
Elliott Smith – Sweet Adeline
M Ward – Cosmopolitan Pap

Gomez – Whippin’ Piccadilly
Cricket Rumor Mill – Shakespeare Machinery
Elf Power – Ten Dollars On The Ground
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – Exit From Vince Lombardi High School
The Figgs – Connecting Brain
Label Spotlight on SST Records

Meat Puppets – Big House
Flesh Eaters – Agony Shorthand
Soundgarden – Flower
Husker Du – Something I Learned Today
Dinosaur Jr. – Kracked

Sonic Youth – Stereo Sanctity
Angst – Outside My Window
Volcano Suns – Brother Superior
Saccharine Trust – Drugstore Logic
Black Flag – American Waste

Descendants – Suburban Home
Minutemen – One Chapter In The Book
Negativland – Quiet Please
Leaving Trains – She’s Looking At You
Buffalo Tom – The Plank

Black Flag – Rise Above
Trotsky Icepick – A Little Push At The Top Of The Stairs
Saint Vitus – Hallow’s Victim
Pell Mell – The Devil Bush
Overkill – Hell’s Getting Hotter

Zoogz Rift – The Night They All Came Out
Gone – Watch The Tractor
Firehouse – In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton
Screaming Trees – Transfiguration

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