Everyone’s Invited #40 01/22/17

Everyone’s Invited ripped into the new era with a onslaught of indie music that you won’t hear anywhere else in Syracuse. Sure, some classics were well represented thanks to a spotlight on Island Records, but there was enough genre-hopping and fist-pumping to otherwise satisfy. Not sated yet? Tune in next week from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio.

Distillers – Seneca Falls
Helen Love – We Love You
Newtown Grunts – Solidarity
Whale – Pay For Me
Discount – Math Won’t Miss You

Thee Headcoatees – Have Love, Will Travel
Veruca Salt – Shimmer Like A Girl
Tancred – Bed Case
Post Pink – Maid In Mexico
Team Dresch – Take On Me

Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy
I Farm – Life On Planet Reebok
Mannequin Pussy – Emotional High
Muffs – Crush Me
Breaklights – Fake Out

Gateway District – When I Fall
Randy – Cheap Thrills
Prissteens – I’m Devastated
Tanya Donelly – Tu Y Yo
Lemuria – Chatauqua County

Kitty Badass – No No No
NOFX – Murder The Government
Bananas – Sugar Bear
Chop Sakis – Golden Graham

Label Spotlight On Island Records

PJ Harvey – This Is Love
dEUS – Supermarketsong
Stereo MCs – Graffiti Part One
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
MC Solaar – Nouveau Western

Damone – Now Is The Time
Andrew WK – Ready To Die
Supergrass – Pumping On Your Stereo
Tripping Daisy – Your Socks Have No Name

Nick Drake – Bryter Layer
Cranberries – I Still Do
Spring Heel Jack – Casino
Propagandhi – Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
Briefs – Poor And Weird
Ciba Matto – Aguas de Marco
La Pieta – Paperwhites
Damien Jurado – Radioactivity

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