Everyone’s Invited # 39 01/08/17

Happy New Year! You’d think after 39 shows I’d run out of obscure indie labels to tout, and the cupboard of weird b-sides from old CD-singles would run dry. That sad date will eventually come, but today is not that day. This week’s indie label spotlight was on the superb, always snorkable Mutant Pop Records!

Wildhearts – L.T.D.
Lush – Single Girl
Queens Of The Stone Age – The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
Helmet – Biscuits For Smut
Sugar – Mind Is An Island

Lemuria – Hours
Free Loan Investments – Ever Been To Mexico?
Subjects – The Best Of Us
Minders – The Loneliest Of Faces
Supergrass – We Dream Of This

Ben Lee – Butterfly
Daniel Land – New York Boogie Woogie
Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker
Teenage Fanclub – Femme Fatale
Travis – Killer Queen

Modest Mouse/764-Hero – Whenever You See Fit
Run. Away. From. The. Humans. – Nuclear Fashion Victims
Stereo MCs – On 33

Label Spotlight on Mutant Pop Records
After School Special – Sarah, Plain And Tall
Proms – Lisa Marie
Dirt Bike Annie – Grape Crush
Hitchcocks – Bad Poetry
Mute-Ants – Statistic
Slacker – 182

Mixelpricks – Save The Whales
Kung Fu Monkeys – Eat Your Vegetables
Nerd Gets The Girl – Milkshake
Somethingtons – Do You Want To Go Steady With Me?
Sicko – Three Tea

Automatics – Beep Beep
Peabodys – I Expected This
Daryls – Let’s Have Fun/In The Attic
Egghead. – Jet Pack
Automatics – Hanging Out At EJ’s
Beldons – Fatal Road

Attention Deficit – John’s Playing Games
Moral Crux – Victim Of Hype
Dillinger Four – Thanks For Nothing
Underhand – Desire
Boris The Sprinkler – She Digs My New Wave Records

Ruth’s Hat – Please Please Me
Ruth’s Hat – Somora Laura
Dirt Bike Annie – Letters And Numbers

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