Everyone’s Invited # 182 – 01/26/20

The days are getting longer.  The world is getting better.  We’re all just getting weirder.  EVERYONE’S INVITED provides the soundtrack Sunday evenings from 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Chumbawamba – Everything You Know Is Wrong
PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me
Flicker – Deadbolt
Tony Molina – Nothing I Can Say
Canasta – Slow Down Chicago

Dead Mechanical – Sidewalks
Wire – Primed And Ready
The Vacant Lot – Never Said
Daredevils – Hate You
Flaming Tsunamis – Opus

Jetty Boys – Reflectors
Unlovables – 1996
Four Eyes – Hat Nerd
For Science – Swan Song

Kiwi Jr. – Murder In The Cathedral
Phantom Chemistry – Help Wanted/Call Me Back
Throw Me The Statue – Waving At The Shore
Tiger Trap – Puzzle Pieces
Pavement – Stereo

Beta Band – Dry The Rain
Okay Kaya – Glitch
Pia Fraus – You’re Not In Love
Titan – Honey

Traindodge – Raining Room
Wild Flowers of America – Unkind
Lunachicks – Jerk Of All Trades
October Drift – Cherry Red

Haden Triplets – Ozark Moon
Foo Fighters – How I Miss You
Crooked Fingers – Call To Love
Bill Fox – Bonded To You

Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers
The Rutabega – The Shaman
Phew Pkew Pkew – Let’s Order A Pizza

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