Everyone’s Invited # 209 – 04/11/21

Pop punk! Math rock! Weird stuff! The alternative to the alternative! Etc! EVERYONE’S INVITED airs random nonsense Sunday evenings from 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Fratellis – Flathead
Sloan – Friendship
Amorettes – Shoot From The Hip
Mackie – New Age
Avail – Fifth Wheel

Gerbera – Take My Heart
Ruth’s Hat – Somora Laura
Saturday Night Karaoke – Save It For The Van
Kelly Sullivan – When The Waves Are Low
Peabodys – It Kind Of Bothers Me

The Hitchcocks – 1977
Parasite Diet – Kitty Corner
Mixtapes – Pop Rocks N’ Coke
L Cars – Chapped And Cracked
Beldons – Fatal Road

Tuns – Double Down
Moose – I’ll See You In My Dreams
Mates of State – These Days
Guided By Voices – If We Wait
Jordan Mason & The Horse Museum – Avalanches

Dry Cleaning – Scatchcard Lanyard
The Peacers – Thunder Is An Electrical Love God
Tracy Bonham – Eyes
The Beep Seals – Stars
Unrest – Cath Carroll

Boards Of Canada – 1969
Music On Hold – A Thousand Eyes
The Go! Team – The Power Is On
Saloon – Happy Robots

Do Say Make Think – Soul And Onward
Hella – Been A Long Time Cousin
Porcupine Tree – Waiting Phase One
The Killers – My Own Soul’s Warning

Kung Fu Monkeys – Peachy Keen
Atomic Treehouse – From Eagle Rock With Love
The Frantics – Downtown Delirium

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