Everyone’s Invited # 36 12/04/16 – The Best of 2016 Part One!

The standard tagline for Everyone’s Invited is that you’ll hear music that’s old and new, familiar and obscure, from around the corner and around the world. Even when focusing on the best releases of the year, the statement holds true. Crammed into two hours we’ve got music from bands that have been around for 25+ years (the old) and bands that have formed just over the summer (the new). We’ve got big names (familiar) and underground acts that had to be dug up out of an internet wormhole (obscure). We’ve got bands from Upstate NY (around the corner), and bands from the UK and Spain (around the world). Tune in next Sunday from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio to hear Part Two!

Teenage Fanclub – Darkest Part Of The Night
Camp Cope – Done
Paranoid Style – National Sunday Law
Sneeze Attack – No Good
Martha – Catherine

Dinosaur Jr. – Tiny
Total Bettys – No Kings
Alice Bag – Programmed
Diarrhea Planet – Life Pass
Plow United – Going Dark

Doug Tuttle – A Place For You
Entrance – Answer Within
Hurry – When I’m With You
Kristin Hersh – Soma Gone Slapstick
Tacocat – I Hate The Weekend

La Sera – High Notes
Mo Troper – First Monkey In Space
His Name Is Alive – Thanks A Million
Aries – Eclipse Total
Tony Molina – Hung Up On The Dream

Belleville – Callus
John K. Samson – 17th Street Treatment Center
Nick Waterhouse – Katchi
Tenement – Lonesome Crying Eyes
Mikey Erg – Nyquil & Sudafed

Dan Vapid – Beep Beep Beep
Descendents – Shameless Halo
Attic Salt – Hometown
Jeff Rosenstock – Hellllhoooole
Cayetana – Age Of Consent

Sea Lillies – Nothing Gets You Furious
Wedding Present – Birdsnest
Backyard Wrestling – Strong Style
Role Models – I Ain’t Lucky

Against Me! – Rebecca
Earth Girls – Exit Plan
Starter Jackets – I Suppose
Dark Thoughts – No More Soul
Modern Baseball – Wedding Singer

Aphid Songs – Hold Tight
Teenage Fanclub – I Have Nothing More To Say

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