Everyone’s Invited # 35 11/27/16

Another episode of Everyone’s Invited, another random assortment of indie music. No plan, no rules, just a snack-fueled DJ and a couple shoeboxes of music.

Ze Malibu Kids – Don’t Go
Cichlids – Bubblegum
Alan Bernhoft – Please Don’t Ask Me Why
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – Metal Girls
Doug Martsch – Reel Around The Fountain

Octopus Project – I.O.I.O
Spiderbait – Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
Apricots – Zoom
Roxy Swain – Second To None
Maxiwagon – Barry White’s Greatest Hits

Bernard Fanning – Wish You Well
Chumbawamba – Unpindownable
Minders – Pauline
Flatmates – Happy All The Time
The Bens – In The End

Everyone Everywhere – Everyhow Everythere
Vital Times – You Can’t Fall Off A Mountain
Slaon Peterson – One Day
Fishbone – Subliminal Fascism
The Briefs – Poor And Weird

Lisa Germano – From A Shell
Mark Kozelek – Up To My Neck In You
Low – Hatchet
Winter Flowers – Why Don’t You Shine
Cool Change – The Streets Of The Bronx

Vaccines – Teenage Icon
Nelsons – I Don’t Mind
Dave Phillips & The Blue Cats – Goofin’ Around
Supergrass – Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic)
Cloud Room – Hey Now Now

Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Gerbils – Sunshine Soul
Lolas – See Your Picture Too
Aquabats – Red Sweater
Vincent Vincent & The Villains – On My Own

Microphones – Karl Bleu
Boo Radleys – Thinking Of Ways
Magnetic Fields – Come Back From San Francisco
Reindeer Section – Will You Please Be There For Me?
Katy Davidson – In My Room

John Pizzarelli – Red Wing
Kingsbury Manx – Hawaii In Ten Seconds
MIke Doughty – Nectarine
Sidewalks – Who Ever Said You Was Cool

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