Everyone’s Invited # 267 – 05/07/23

Somewhere in the middle of this episode I decided to not even mention that I’m doing a themed alphabet show/series. Everyone’s Invited airs Sunday 7-pm on 103.3 and 93.7FM and online at www.sparksyracuse.org

Playlist for 05/09/23 show:

E – Nowheresville
Enon – Conjugate The Verbs
Electronic – Disappointed
Elric – Runeblade Duel
Electronic Anthology Project – I Dim Our Angst In Agony

Electric Six – Improper Dancing
EBN – Electronic Behavior Control System
Exek – Parricide Is Painless

Elliott – Drive On To Me
Everyone Everywhere – Everyhow Everythere
Elastica – Blue
Ergs! – Fin
Everclear – So Much For The Afterglow

Exbats – Hey Dummy
Exmaid – Best
Excuse 17 – Forever Fired
Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks
Ex Lovers – Just A Silhouette

Essex Green – Rue De Lis
East River Pipe – Make A Deal With The City
Elf Power – Don’t Let It Be
Eskimeaux – Folly
Eerie Wanda – Pet Town

Elbow – Grounds For Divorce
Engineers – Forgiveness
Eades – I’m Holding Back Your Hair

Egghead – Rookie Year
Even In Blackouts – Missing Manifesto
Eagles Of Death  Metal – I Only Want You
Engine 88 – Killer Willow
Eggstone – Still All Stands Still

Edsel – Parched
Earth Girls – Exit Plan
Eerie Family – Dead Stars Still Shine On Us Tonight
Eels – Last Stop This Town

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