Everyone’s Invited #96 – 04/08/18

Sometimes a radio show defies description.  I mean, not this one, but it can happen.  EVERYONE’S INVITED crams indie rock, punk noise, and random nonsense into a 2-hour show every Sunday from 7-9pm ET on 103.3 and 93.7 FM, and online right here.

Bracket – Last Day Sunday
Beatnik Termites – A Girl I Know
Eyeliners – Here Comes Trouble
Goldfinger – Only A Day
Pain – Suckerpunch

Redd Kross – One Chord Progression
Horrible Things – I Sent It
Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine – Never Better Days
Friend Prices – Rhythm Is Ok
Swearin’ – Just

Teenage Fanclub – I Don’t Care
Major Murphy – Who I Will Be
The Shacks – Birds
Eels – Today Is The Day
Vaccines – Teenage Icon

Stereo MCs – Everything
Soul Coughing – Collapse
The Garden – Banana Peel
Afrika Bambaataa + Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock
Cornershop – Funky Days Are Back Again

SNFU – Reality Is A Ride On The Bus
Void – Who Are You
The Voidz – Pyramid Of Bones
Romeo Void – Confrontation
Raincoats – The Void

Fishbone – Behavior Control Technician
Slickee Boys – Escalator 66
The Chats – Smoko
Hop Along – How You Got Your Limp
Go Sailor – Last Year

Southern Culture On The Skids – Jabberjammin
Last Dance – You Died
Casualties Of Jazz – Into The Void
Gum – Couldn’t See Past My Ego
Elf Power – Spectators

Orielles – Old Stuff New Glass
Cosmo Sheldrake – Wriggle
Brian Briggs – Nervous Breakdown

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