Everyone’s Invited # 220 – 07/25/21

Another episode of EVERYONE’S INVITED, with new artists coming to the party, old bands that are more than fashionably late, and, as always, everything in between. Sunday evenings, 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 07/25/21 show:

All About Chad – Japanese Couple In Reverse
Grandaddy – Levitz… In A Trance
Chomp – Arizona
Alvvays – Your Type
Oldsoul – July

The Planet You – Prismatic
Best Kissers In The World – Miss Teen USA
Silverbacks – Just In The Band
Adjy – Praepositio

Tired Radio – Send For A Hospital
Blessed Ethel – Veronica
Pardoner – Totally Evil Powers
Chainsaw Kittens – Pop Heiress Dies
Tired Lion – Diet Sick

Alice In Chains – Them Bones
Stars Hollow – …
My Ugly Clementine – The Good The Bad The Ugly
Toner – Dark Ecstasy
Poster Children – Roe V. Wade

Amythyst Kiah – Firewater
Bob Nanna – Don’t Come Home
A.O. Gerber – Full Bloom

Porter Robinson – Look At The Sky
Mouse On Mars – Actionist Respoke

Good Bad Happy Sad – Pyro
Cavedogs – Boy In A Plastic Bubble
Ball Park Music – The Perfect Life Does Not Exist
Human Toys – Doomsday Device
Empty Country – Becca

Gritty Kitty – Spica
Smol Data – Last Call Indie Darlings

Biz Markie – This Is Something For The Radio

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