Everyone’s Invited # 259 – Year End Review Show – 01/01/23

2022 was a good year for music. That is all. EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 01/01/23 show:

The Beths – Expert In A Dying Field
Whimsyland – Volcano Valley Rally
Life – Big Moon Lake
Sally Seltmann – Female Pied Piper
The Jeanines – That’s Okay

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Isolation
Cheekface – We Need A Bigger Dumpster
Dear Nora – Sedona
Martha – Beat Perpetual
Built To Spill – Gonna Lose

Leftfield – Full Way Round
Guerilla Toss – Famously Alive
The Orchids – I Don’t Mean To Stare
2nd Grade – Strung Out On You
Alvvays – Velveteen

Mountain Goats – Wage Wars, Get Rich, Die Handsome
Mikey Erg – Caroline Told Me So
Vista Blue – Friday Night
Breaklights – Dream On

AWOLNation – Maniac
Pixies – The Lord Has Come Back Today
Sloan – Magical Thinking
The Red, Pinks, & Purples – Keep Your Secrets Close
Eerie Wanda – Sail To Silver Sun

Uni Boys – Take A Look Around
Meat Wave – Ridiculous Car
Frankie Cosmos – Spare The Guitar
Mick Trouble – A Well Known Drag
Dazy – Split

Beach Bunny – Deadweight
Eels – Learning While I Lose
Kiwi Jr. – Unspeakable Things
Superchunk – Refracting
Linda Linda – Groawing Up

Midnight Oil – To The Ends of the Earth
Heavy Heavy – Why Don’t You Call?
The Minders – Home

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