Everyone’s Invited # 208 – 04/04/21

There is nothing quite so fine, as sitting in a patch of sunshine. EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings on 93.7 and 103.3 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 04/04/21:

Midnite Snaxxx – Contact Contamination
Death From Above 1979 – One + One
Tough Age – Anti-Anxiety Exercises
Dazy – Weatherman Got It Wrong
Sweet Soul – Some Nerve

Shady Groves – Like You
Pavement – Shady Lane
Dinosaur Jr. – I Ran Away
Moontype – About You
The Lemons – Gummy Worm

Bollweevils – Final Straw
Gallows Birds – Back To The Beach
The Proms – Lisa Marie
Quincy Punx – Young And Dumb
Black Train Jack – Guy Like Me

Bis – Blow Your Mind
Epoxies – Need More Time
Tune-Yards – Nowhere, Man
Pet Shop Boys – We Came From Outer Space

The Chills – You’re Immortal
The Feels – She’s Probably Not Thinking Of Me
Eels – Are We Alright Again?
Kim Deal – Beautiful Moon
SF Seals – Pulp

The Boys With Perpetual Nervousness – Rose Tinted Glass
Darlingside – Rodeo
Phantom Handshakes – No Better Plan
Grrrl Gang – Honey Baby
Liz Phair – Whip Smart

New Pagans – Harbour
Buck – Old Blue Sweater
Damien Jurado – Paperwings
Birdsting – Candy Cabbage
Spy. Vs. Spy – Little Lights

Tony Sly – Exit
Rose Melberg – Take Some Time

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