Everyone’s Invited # 234 – 01/02/22

2021 Year In Review. Nuff said.

Playlist for 01/02/22 show:

Tuns – Double Down
Skeggs – Bush TV
Dan Paquin – Come On And Let It Go
Wet Leg – Chaise Lounge
Vacation – Liberty Tax Statue Man

Evan Greer – The Tyranny Of Either/Or
Sweet Soul – Some Nerve
Vista Blue – She’s Not The One For You
Jeff Rosenstock – Leave It In The Ska
Mackie – New Age

Django Django – Glowing In The Dark
Dummy – Final Weapon
Pom Poko – Andy Goes To School
Amythyst Kiah – Firewater
Bruno Pernadas – Fuzzy Soul

Teenage Fanclub – Back In The Day
Kiwi Jr. – Tyler
Sonder Bombs – Swing On Sight
The Lathums – I’ll Get By
Motorists – New Day

Cloud Nothings – A Longer Moon
Gustaf – Dream
Liily – I Am Who I Think You Think I Am
Teke : Teke – Yoru Ni
Flying Raccoon Suit – Hive Mind

The Umbrellas – Happy
The Courettes – My One And Only Baby
Kelly Sullivan – When The Waves Are Low
Seth Thomas – Again
Wild Pink – You Can Have It Back

Mikey Erg – Rumblestrip
Nanny – Yearbook
Death By Unga Bunga – Modern Man
Pony – Chokecherry
Dazy – Weatherman Got It Wrong

State Drugs – Threat Level Midnight
John Denver Airport Conspiracy – 2000 November

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