Everyone’s Invited # 207 – 03/28/21

The past couple shows were very new-music heavy, so I made a concerted effort to play more music from the first go-round. You know, back before the 25th anniversary reissue came out. EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 03/28/21 show:

Consolidated – College Radio
Grapes of Wrath – No Reason
Sonya Hunter – Fault Line
Greg Graffin – Echoes On The Hill

Limblifter – Screwed It Up
Mixelpricks – If This Is Goodbye
Ought – The Combo
Scaries – Anymore
Mikey Erg – Can’t Be Too Careless

Green Day – Going To Pasalacqua
Saves The Day – You Vandal
Small Brown Bike – Atlanta
Sprinkler – Landlord
Dahlia Seed – 50 Minutes Side

Teenage Fanclub – Warm Embrace
Jose Gonzalez – (I Wanna) Hold You
Shrimp Boat – Pumpkin Lover
Bulldozer Crash – Headfirst
Geoff Farina – Usonian Dream Sequence

Bean – Privates On Parade
State Drugs – Threat Level Midnight
The Fall – Cyber Insect
The Knickers – My Baby’s Just A Baby

Stiff Richards – Point Of You
Cool Ghouls – Smoke And Fire
Neil Young – Big Green Country
Quicksand – Shovel

Ruby Falls – Heroines
Cooled Jets – Map it Out
Keith Canisius – Hopefully
Amp – Seagreen Serenade

Slow Loris – Honor The Lynx
Papa Topo – Oso Panda (Switched On Mix)
Guedra Guedra – When I Run
Komeda – A Simple Formality

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