Everyone’s Invited 108 – 07/15/18 All Syracuse Artists Show!

EVERYONE’S INVITED returned this week with an epic All Syracuse Artists show!  If you’ve been wondering lately what bright, musical minds have been creating in our fine city, now you know.  If you’ve been wondering if local, independent radio is still relevant and valued, it is.  If you’re wondering if YOU are invited, you are!  Join us Sunday evenings from 7-9pm at 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 7/15/18 show:

Alan Abulencia – Day In Day Out
Nick Smolenski – Dream Love Affair
Libby – Games
Now What – I Won’t Hold It Against You (If You Start To Tune Out)
Justin Jarmacz – Operator: Error

Apocalypse Tribe – The New Normal
Outside Voices – Yellow Notes
Blood Sun Circle – Bleeding Guide
The Storm – Set Me Free
Bleak – Handicapper General

World Of Love – What Does It Mean To Be Free
Trial Life – Amatuer Philsophers
Siren’s Image – Insular
Lily Grave – Love And War
Minnoe – Mirrormaze

Department – Aristotle
Sulking Babes – Remedial Math Class
Vital Times – But Dad, It’s Shark Week
New England Beach Snobs – Diving Into The Shallow End
Night Owls – Repent

Fairgrounds – Cerebus
Bye Bye Boys – Jacket
Karam Xavier – From Neptune To The Stars
Gregg Yeti & The Best Lights – Little Scar
Jonas Nicholson – This One’s For Rose

Disappointmint – Modern
Fangs – In Your Arms
Flotus – Oolala
Dead Cardigans – Sunflower
Hail, Mary – Teeth

West Berlin – 104
The Shuvits – Labor Day
Living Lives As Ghosts – Valencia
Stupkids – Like Magic
Spooky Candy – The One Is For “For The Kid In The Back”

Mattydale Music Collective – Taller Than The Sun
Mountains & Valleys – Born With Teeth


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