Everyone’s Invited #62 07/23/17

A normal episode (if there is such a thing) of EVERYONE’S INVITED pulls songs from all corners of the musical universe, and sometimes, if we’re all lucky, I can squeeze in some kind of electronic artist.  I’ve been omitting that genre for the most part, since that territory was thoroughly explored on my old show, Moog Power.  This week I decided to bring the gang back together, and do one entire show devoted to electronic pop, electronic rock, and electronic whatever.  You can attempt to experience the future just like old times every Sunday evening from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio.

Freestylers – B-Boy Stance
Daft Punk – End Of Line
Justice – DVNO
Padded Cell – Fare Beneath London
Anagram – Behavior

Faust – La Poulie
Der Plan – Wie Der Wind Weht
Kraftwerk – Numbers
Can – Oh Yeah

Battles – Atlas
Fantastic Plastic Machine – Electric Lady Land
Ming & Ping – Yellow
Moby – The Perfect Life

Django Django – Default
Beta Band – Out-Side
Autechre – Calbruc
Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing
Juno Reactor – Pistolero

Cornelius – Helix / Spiral
Max Tundra – Orphaned
Kid Spatula – Jar Jar Binx
Disappointmint – Alert
Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

The Peppers – Pepper Box
Orbital – The Box
Bruce Haack – Electric To Me Turn
Sub Focus – Rock It

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