Everyone’s Invited #52 05/07/17

Ripping through random records like never before!  This week’s episode threw together old favorites, brand new music, and a spotlight on Grand Royal Records.  Everyone’s Invited airs every Sunday evening from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio.

Brown Recluse – Monday Moon
Posies – Dream All Day
Georgie James – Look Me Up
Bobby Emmett – Queen Of Hearts
Ravonettes – Attack Of The Ghost Riders

Hundreds Of AU – Runneth Full
Exmaid – Sports
Psychic Teens – Hex
Atom & His Package – Conner, Welcome
Personal & Pizzas – $7.99 For Love

Rancid – Warsaw
Distillers – Dismantle Me
Gravel Pit – New Haven
Wes Cunningham – Say My Name
Self – Suzie Q Sailaway

Beat Happening – Pinebox Derby
Bonless Children Foundation – Bankrobber
Summer Cats – Fulon Girls
Nelsons – I Don’t Mind
Soul Coughing – Sugar Free Jazz

Stereolab – People Do It All The Time
His Name Is Alive – Jack

Label Spotlight on Grand Royal

Beastie Boys – Root Down (Free Zone Mix)
BS 2000 – NY Is Good
Scapegoat Wax – Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)
Bran Van 3000 – Discosis
DJ Hurricane – Four Fly Guys

Lucious Jackson – Find Your Mind
Butter 08 – 9MM
At The Drive In – Arcarsenal
D.F.L. – Monk’s Honor

Buffalo Daughter – Dr. Mooooog
Kostars – Red Umbrella
Beck – Boyz
Sean Lennon – Part One Of The Cowboy Trilogy
Mike D – Country Delight

Bis – New Transistor Heroes
Russel Simins – Jim’s Problem
Ben Lee – Away With The Pixies
Ladies Who Lunch – Gigantic

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