Everyone’s Invited #16 06/12/16

Back to business as usual, which in this case means two hours or indie music both old and new, familiar and obscure, fun and challenging.  This week’s indie label spotlight was on Kill Rock Stars!

Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane
Hawksley Workman – Bullets
Pixies – Doolittle
Ridel High – Places People Hide Their Money
Throwing Muses – Juno

50 Foot Wave – Human
Any Trouble – Second Chance
Replacements – I Will Dare
Overwhelming Colorfast – It’s Tomorrow
Sidewalks – Whoever Said That You Were Cool

Van Dyke Parks – Home
Butthole Surfers – Graveyard
Camper Van Beethoven – Eye Of Fatima (Pt 1)
Minutemen – I Felt Like A Gringo
Guadalacanal Diary – Fear Of God

New Order – Ceremony
Zatopeks – Drive By Love
XTC – Fly On The Wall
Young Hasselhoffs – 80s Doll
Indie Label Spotlight on Kill Rock Stars
Sleater-Kinney – Little Babies
Lilliput – Thumbledoll (reissue)
Bratmobile – Die
Elliott Smith – Needle In The Hay
Mary Lou Lord – His Indie World
Bangs – Sweet Revenge
godheadsilo – I Love U…nicorns
Tight Bros From Way Back When – Hurricane
Bikini Kill – Reject All American
Decemberists – July, July!
Emily’s Sassy Lime – Hello Yucko
Team Dresch – Hand Grenade
Unwound – Lucky Acid
Hangovers – Soho
Courtney Love – Don’t Mix The Colors
Kathleen Hannah – I Wish I Was Him
Long Since Forgotten – Considering You
Blasters – American Music (live)
Moondoggies – Changing
Longport Buzz – Fun
Froggies – Take The Money And Run

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