Everyone’s Invited # 273

Everyone’s Invited airs Sunday evenings 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here. I’m going to write “I see what you did there” before anyone else.

Playlist for 07/23/23 show:

Icypoles – Gotta Stop It
Imperial Teen – Lipstick
Impossible Hair – You Can Own
Incredible Force of Junior – Sweet And Sour
International Teachers of Pop – Interstellar

Innocence Mission – Follow Me
Iron & Wine – Someday The Waves
Imelda May – Little Pixie
Insides – Bent Double
Ivy – In The Shadows

IDLES – Well Done
Ike Reilly – Hip Hop Thighs # 17
Inspiral Carpets – Plane Crash
Illuminati Hotties – Freequent Letdown

Infectious Grooves – Punk It Up
Impulse International – Tear Down My Walls
ifihadahifi – Imperial Walker
Inspection 12 – Secret Identity

Imaginary Pants – Bus Driver
Idlewild – Annihilate Now!
Icicle Works – I Still Want You

I Am Robot And Proud – 401 Circuit
Irresistible Force – Sunstroke
Invisbl Skratch Pikilz – Vs. Da Klams Uv Deth
I Am The World Trade Center – Dancing Alone

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