Everyone’s Invited # 261 – 02/12/23

Hey Dr. Jones, no time for love (or football)! EVERYONE’S INVITED fills every minute with more indie music than you can flick a whip at. Sunday evenings 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 and online right here.

Playlist for 2/12/23 show

Papas Fritas – Smash This World
Chavez – Pentagram Ring
Zuzu’s Petals – White Trash Love
Scarce – Rains of Kansas
Crayon – Knee-High Susan

The Blue Up – Pink Turns To Blue
Anastasia Screamed – Parts Of Us
Sam Phillips – Wheel Of The Broken Voice
Alisha’s Attic – Irresistible U R
Belly – Dream On Me

Ani DiFranco & Jackie Chan – Unforgettable
Stephen Becker – Upstate
Simon Rowe – Everybody’s Thinking
Bill Fox – Electrocution
Teenage Fanclub – Hold On

Dead Milkmen – The Secret Of Life
Young Hasselhoffs – Little Poems
Mozart Estate – Relative Poverty
Somebody’s Child – I Need Ya

Sarchasm – Deadname
Nanny – Rotary
Martha – Beat Perpetual
Concrete City – Killer Kane
Mackie – New Age

James – Sunday Morning
Greg Laswell – Something In My Heart
Hospital Job – Moonlight
Mikey Erg – Going To Pasalacqua

Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight
Loyal Seas – Last of the Great Marches
Sunny Day Real Estate – Flatland Spider
Pray For Rain – Pray For Rain

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