Everyone’s Invited # 251 – 09/11/22

This week’s episode of EVERYONE’S INVITED was brought to you by the light of the magical moon. Sundays 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Playlist for 09/11/22 show:

Young Fast Running Man – Off To The Moon
Wildhearts – Rearrange You
The Skirts – Trash
Tony Molina – The Last Time
Kenickie – Come Out 2 Nite

Sibling Rivalry – See My Way
Whimsyland – Volcano Valley Rally
Insted – Maybe Tomorrow
Brody – New Jersey
Cadallaca – You’re My Only One

The Lookers – My Luck Has Changed
Velvetears – We All Wanna Die Sometimes
Mean Mary – Clouds Roll By
Merchandise – Little Killer
Briston Maroney – It’s Still Cool If You Don’t

Rosie Tucker – Habanero
The Beths – Just Shy Of Sure
The Chats – Getting Better
Sexy Death Soda – California Police State
Die Cheerleader – Remember Zelda

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Edge Of The Edge
RJD2 – The Horror
Stereolab – How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight

Mojave 3 – Mercy (Strings Version)
Heidi Berry – Holy Grail
His Name Is Alive – Nice Day
Band Of Holy Joy – By The Light Of The Magical Moon
Life – Big Moon Lake

Fluffy Kitty – Fussy
Mavis Piggott – Cobalt
Twiddle – Every Last Leaf II

Mikey Erg – Almost Like Judee Sill
The Anomalys – Rock’N’Roll World

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