Help Us With Our Wish List!


We’ve concentrated all our assets so far to getting WSPJ-LP 103.3 + 93.7 FM on the air and keeping it there along with our live streaming. And that’s meant among other things using older hand-me-down computers that have gotten us by, but not much more. We now want to switch from our current crude “automation system” to a legitimate one that would allow us to create a real online schedule. Among other things, this will finally allow us to carry Democracy Now! in a regular timeslot, as well as have scheduled playback times for our other shows that now re-air in a random way during the week.

Consistent with our continuing emphasis on cost effectiveness, we’ve determined that the computer pictured above and linked below is the least expensive option that will get the job done. We’ll accumulate new donations via our Support Page until we can purchase this item. Thanks for supporting our efforts and taking us to the next level!

Of course, if one of our friends wants to purchase this as a donation to our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and ship it to us at WSPJ-LP, 319 Nottingham Rd #148, Syracuse NY 13210 that would be great too!

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