Everyone’s Invited # 150 – 05/19/19

Humans are terrifying but music is good.  EVERYONE’S INVITED airs Sunday evenings from 7-9pm ET on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and streams right here.

Red 5 – Space
L7 – Shove
Peach Club – My Best Friend
Bad Cop Bad Cop – Womanarchist
Red Aunts with Exene Cervenkova – The Alien Song

Cavity – You Don’t Own Me
Neighborhood Brats – Night Shift
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Mecca Normal – To Avoid Pain
Charly Bliss – Under You

Lily Draper – Super Zero
Laura Stevenson – Lay Back, Arms Out
Petra Haden – Sometimes You Have To Choose Sides
Amy Denio – Birthing Chair Blues
Meira Asher – Dissect Me

Holly Herndon – Alienation
Pom Poko – My Blood
Chai – Great Job
Petite Meller – Hawaii
Bat For Lashes – Glass

Asobi Seksu – New Years
CSS – I Fly
Tami T – So Afraid
Cats Millionaire – Humans Are Terrifying

Alex Lehay – I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore
Portal – Waves & Echoes
Laurie Anderson – Walking And Falling
Danielle Dax – Inky Bloaters
Tacocat – New World

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
Coppe – I Lick My Brain In Silence

Alice Bag – Shame Game
rook – I’m So Near Here
Halfsour – Perpetrator Of A Fraud
Downtown Boys – It Can’t Wait
War On Women – Violence of Bureaucracy

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