Everyone’s Invited # 148 – 05/05/19

We shot way out into space, but I forgot to bring snacks.  8 U-turns later and now we’re home again.  EVERYONE’S INVITED attempts adventure every Sunday evening from 7-9pm ET on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and streams online right here.

Boo Radleys – I Hang Suspended
Supernova – Chewbacca
Bad Religion – It’s Only Over When
Sad Planets – Yesterday Girls
They Might Be Giants – Don’t Let’s Start

The Bees – Who Cares What The Question Is?
Karmella’s Game – The Door
The English Muffins – I Miss You
Ghost Mice – New Moon Rising
Travoltas – Do The Gal-I-Gator (Party Version)

u-ziq – hwicci song
Casino Vesus Japan – It’s Very Sunny
The Orb – Toxygene

Akron Family – Gone Beyond
Regina Spektor – Samson
Belle & Sebastian – Expectations
Ramshackle Glory – Vampires Are Poseurs (Song For The Living)
Vampire Weekend – We Belong Together

Snuff – Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads
Carter Peace Mission – Exchanged
Descendents – Clean Sheets
Chixdiggit – Sikome Beach

The Ratchets – Hoist A New Flag
Super Unison – Unconditional
Sick Thoughts – Headache
Young Losers – All Gone
Sweatshop Boys – Unaware (Coco)

Helen Love – We Love You
Wood Chickens – Vortex 4
Saucers – What We Do
Band of Skulls – Not The Kind Of Nothing I Know
Slinky X – History

Pele – Mind Of Minolta
Late! – Color Pictures of a Marigold
Vaccines – Wetsuit

Stars – This Charming Man
Stonefield – Together
Les Bof! – Soixante Huitard

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