Everyone’s Invited #71 10/08/17

There’s a certain something permeating the shows these days.  Must be something in the air.  With a label spotlight on Bloated Kat Records, and random assortment of noise pulled from a shoebox, how could radio get any better?  You can discover, listen, and even join the fun at Spark!  Or at the very least, tune in from 7-9pm EST to get your weekly dose of indie music from EVERYONE’S INVITED.

Sense Field – Killed For Less
Rocket From The Crypt – French Guy
The Favors – One Foot In The Grave
Surrogates – Falling Off The Map (Easier Without You)
Smashing Pumpkins – Bury Me

Der Plan – Come Fly With Me
Trans Am – I Hear Fake Voices
Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin
Loney Dear – Dark Light

Pyramidiacs – Waiting
Silver Scooter – Goodbye
Greg Yeti & The Best Lights – Island Nation
Alvvays – Lollipop (Ode To Jim)
Dr. Dog – Mirror Mirror

Cars Can Be Blue – You’re So Cute
Horrible/Adorable – Caprice!
Diet Cig – Leo
Wet Nurse – Girl Problem
Darling Buds – Burst


Label Spotlight on Bloated Kat Records

Pity Party – Dead By Dawn
Braver – Frequent Flyer
Jabber – Maybe Next Year
Like Bats – Sad Stories About Sad People With Pathetic Dreams
Drones – Simple Question

Boys – Sundae School
Starry Nights – You Don’t Have The Time
Harsh Times – Dear Abby
Top Bunk – Eating CF With The GF
Mikey Erg – Second City

Seattle F’ing Supersonics – Atomic Shadow
Punchlines – Brooklyn, They’re Everywhere
Rational Anthem – Pink Triangle Part Deux
Science Police – No Fun Intended
Lipstick Homicide – Rockerchick


Darren Hanlon – Buy Me Presents
AV Club – Trouble Girls
Dreadful Yawns – You’ve Been Recorded
Everyone Asked About You – It’s Days Like This That Make Me Wish The Summer Lasted Forever
Fun. – At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used To Be

Willy Mason – When The River Moves On
Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights
Squirrel Bait – Sun God
Cleaners From Venus – Girl On A Swing


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