Everyone’s Invited # 60 07/02/17

Without any planning at all, I still managed to sprinkle in a few songs with “America” in the title.   Happy Independence Day!  Thanks to Syracuse musicians who create music!  Thanks to DGC Records for being so important to my formative years.  Thanks for listening – to those that did, and in advance to that will every Sunday evening from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio.

Sebadoh – Cry Sis
Mastodon – I Am Ahab
Cancer Conspiracy – Loft Complication
Meth Mouth – Perfect World
Deftones – Teenager

Trans Am – Home Security
Der Plan – Lass die Katze stehn!
Hideki Naganuma – Let Mom Sleep
Erich Schall – Dimness
M83 – America

Breaklights – Mainstay
Westbury Squares – Musica America
Dirt Bike Annie – Are You Ready For The Summer?
Vacant Lot – You Were On My Mind
Rancid – Stranded

Flotation Toy Warning – Driving Under The Influence Of Loneliness
Fleet Foxes – If You Need To, Keep Time On Me
BMX Bandits – Life Without You
The 6ths – San Diego Zoo
Knife In The Water – I Sent You Up

Label Spotlight on DGC Records

Teenage Fanclub – Don’t Look Back
that dog. – Old Timer
Girls Against Boys – Psycho Future
Pitchshifter – Microwaved
Beck – Devil’s Haircut

Wild Colonials – Charm
Counting Crows – Einstein On The Beach
Sloan – I Hate My Generation
Candyskins – Freedom Bus
Weezer – Surf Wax America

Veruca Salt – Get Back
Hole – Violet
Nymphs – Revolt
Elastica – Blue
Raincoats – No Side To Fall In

Nirvana – Dumb
Jawbreaker – Bad Scene Everyone’s Fault
Aimee Man – You’re With Stupid Now
Karen O And The Kids – Heads Up

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