Everyone’s Invited # 55 05/28/17

Normally my kitchen-sink setlist includes indie rock, lo-fi pop, punk noise, oddball electro, and so forth.  This time around the show was entirely culled from Syracuse-based artists, and none of the quality or diversity was sacrificed.   Just goes to show that if you truly dig into your community, there are plenty of treasures to be found.  Everyone’s Invited unearths gems each Sunday evening from 7-9pm at Westcott Radio.

ride bikes. – Bed
Blood Sun Circle – Bare Bones
Elton DeJohneres – Burst Out
Twisted Riffster – 1b
Phantom Chemistry – Back Of The Van

Ahnest! – Check Engine Light
Mayflower – Out On A High Note
Bongs Rips For Jesus – Blunts To The Stoma
Between Hope & Fear – Dance
Real Pterodactyls – Backseat Driver

Neglected Foot – Chemically Enhanced Sunshine
Matthew Blake & The Blues Dragons – How Many More Times
Scaevola’s Fire – Burn On, Hand Of Glory!
Cuddlefish – Blind Man
Moving To Alaska – Oceans

Super Defense – Call U Home
Doug Campbell – Something New
Magical Lynx – Things You’ve Got To Do Today
Steal The Moon – Fifteen To One
Grencia Mars – 1901

Surrogates – Falling Off The Map (Easier Without You)
Popular Music – Pop Music Pep Rally
Summer Cult – Ship To Sail
Fairgrounds – Kenobi
Vital Times – Milton Fishman (Super Stud)

Malvinas – All Used Up
Minnoe – Mirrormaze
Petite League – Pulling Teeth
New England Beach Snobs – NEBS Fight Song
Harryhausen – Paintings

Methodist Bells – Rainy Day 1-2-3
Twin Geeks – To Catch A Meditator
Townhouse Warrior – Favors
Vantage Point – Break Me Down
The Regular – All I Want

Feyde – Take Me In Like Medicine
Fang – Titania
Kilt Daddy – WGBF
Sound Discard – Faith
Plague Doctor – The Witch Doctor

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