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Spark! is a non profit independent media project in Syracuse, New York seeking to foster greater creativity in our community through various means that incorporate local voices, local music and local stories. 93.7 FM and 103.3 FM will be our primary outlets using non-commercial FM radio staffed entirely by volunteers. We are currently accepting applications to create programming on Spark! 93.7 + 103.3 FM consistent with our overall goals.

• We are looking for proposals for arts and culture oriented programming including but not limited to recorded music-based programs; variety shows; interview shows; talk shows; radio dramas; poetic performance; and experimentation.
• While legal restrictions apply (such as restrictions on language), programmers will be in control of the content of their programs and there is no overall format.
• Recorded music-based programmers will primarily utilize music from their own collection, and we will provide equipment to support the use of all formats. All music shows must agree to incorporate local music as a regular portion of their overall content.

If you have any other questions, please consult the FAQ or contact us at Thank you for your interest in our project and we look forward to reviewing your proposal!




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Thanks for taking the time to fill out this application -- we appreciate your interest in Spark! 93.7 + 103.3 FM!!!