Everyone’s Invited # 211 – 05/01/21

EVERYONE’S INVITED pretends mix tapes are still a thing Sunday evenings from 7-9pm on 103.3 and 93.7 FM and online right here.

Iron & Wine – Same Old Song
XTC – I’d Like That
Maria Arnal & Marcel Bages with Holly Herndon – Can’t de la Sibil-la
Bruno Pernadas – Fuzzy Soul

Magnificent Brotherhood – Lifetime
Vintage Caravan – Cocaine Sally
The Armed – Life So Wonderful
22 Jacks – Quit

Nerf Herder – Mr. Blue Sky
Evan Greer – The Tyranny Of Either/Or
Kelley Deal 6000 – Brillo Hunt
Puressence – This Feeling
Pohgoh – Tell Me Truly

The Blips – Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Mr. T Experience – Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya
The Kaisers – Uh Huh Oh Yeah
Ash – Oh Yeah
The Minders – Yeah Yeah Yeah

Beachwood Sparks – This Is What It Feels Like ’99
Wurld Series – Moved In
Christina Vane – Blueberry Hill
Bevis Frond – You Wouldn’t If You Knew
Seam – Rafael

BS2000 – Nobody Beats BS2000
Der Plan – Save Your Software
Fimber Bravo – Dimbaya

Smart Went Crazy – D.C. Will Do That To You
Thought Industry – Kiss Judy Fly
Starlight Conspiracy – She Waits
St. Johnny – Matador

Jane Weaver – Flock
American Steel – Hurtlin’
Rumbleseat – California Burritos

Blindspot – 12
Pietasters – Same Old Song

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