Awright, after proudly pullin’ off last week’s show with virtually no prior planning, I came up with two perfectly good gimmicks to choose between for this week’s shindig. I discarded one concept when I realized we already did it last year, and the other one I decided I wasn’t ready to do this week. So…back to making things up as we go. We will have the TIRnRR debut of a track from Paul McCartney‘s Egypt Station, as well as the latest from Orbis Max, Athanor, and Chandler Travis Three-O. Plus, it’s Lannie Flowers‘ birthday, so let’s play his fantastic new single, too! The rest will take care of itself. Is this a trick? No. This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio with Dana & Carl, Sunday night from 9 to Midnight Eastern, on the air in Syracuse at Spark! WSPJ-LP 103.3 and 93.7 FM, and on the air at

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