Local Music All The Time

Our Passion for Local Music

Most of our community believes that Syracuse doesn’t have a substantial local music scene because they see little to no evidence to the contrary. Media exposure for local bands is low and radio play scarce. Thankfully a few saints do exist, folks Dave Frisina and Scott Dixon, who promote the heck out of local music during their respective local music shows. We want to build on their efforts, because we feel a lot more can and should be done to promote local music than is happening currently.

That’s why Spark! is committed to airing local Syracuse artists every hour of every day and not just as part of a local music show. All our volunteer programmers agree to this and we happily enforce this mandate because we feel it’s really important. We want to better highlight the substantial talents and diversity of the local music community not only currently, but in the past. Our goal is to get the word out about these artists more substantially than happens currently with more limited efforts. We will also be airing live local concerts and interviews with local artists and others involved in the local music community. We aim to significantly advance the discussion of local music on all levels and seek the support of local artists to help us in this endeavor.