WELL! Not only will we open with the world premiere of TIR’N’RR Allstars‘ sublime new cover of The Kinks‘ “Waterloo Sunset” (crafted by the combined talents of Steve StoeckelBruce GordonJoel Tinnel, Stacy CarsonEytan MirskyTeresa CowlesIrene PeñaKeith KlingensmithDan Pavelich, and Rich Firestone), we’ll also play the eleven other tracks (plus one bonus track) that accompany it on the fab new Futureman Records compilation Waterloo Sunset–Benefit For This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio. That irresistible collection features previously-unreleased tracks from The Click BeetlesEytan MirskyPop Co-OpIrene PeñaMichael Slawter (covering The Posies), and The Anderson Council (covering XTC), a new remix of “Infinite Soul” by The Grip Weeds, and familiar TIRnRR Fave Raves by Vegas With RandolphGretchen’s WheelThe Armoires, and Pacific Soul Ltd. And we’re playin’ all of ’em! The compilation will go on sale during tonight’s show, and all proceeds benefit TIRnRR. And we are in paradise! Sunday night, 9 to Midnight Eastern, on the air in Syracuse at SPARK! WSPJ 103.3 and 93.7 FM, and on the web at

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